A trip to Strasbourg, a European city !

Cette année, Mme Jarry, Mme Lefebvre, Mme Prod’homme et Mme Taïbi ont accompagné 46 élèves du collège lors d’un séjour à Strasbourg.
Les élèves de l’option LCE (Langues et Cultures Européennes) racontent en détails ce voyage au coeur de l’Europe.


Thursday morning

We arrived in the Neustadt, the German district of Strasbourg built between 1870 and 1918. We saw the square of the Republic , the Imperial Palace, the library of the University and the National theater.
We gathered around a monument dedicated to the dead soldiers of the city without distinction of nationality.
Then, we were received at the European Parliament by the MP Stéphanie Yon-Courtin also Regional Councillor of Normandy who answered all our questions on the role of this beautiful institution.
At noon, we ate in the cafeteria of the European Parliament.

Thursday afternoon

We visited the Council of Europe, a European council which gathers 46 countries.
Then the Lieu of Europe offered the pupils an escape game to discover the Eureopan buildings and the role of these institutions.
Finally, in the evening, we arrived at the youth hostel and then we slept.

Authors : Aliénor DELACOUR , Louna CHANTEPIE , Nadia MAGHINI

Friday morning

First, we woke up at 6.30 am and we had breakfast at the hostel.
We went to the Notre-Dame cathedral in the city center in Strasbourg and we went inside the cathedral. We observed architectural details and we saw the amazing astronomical clock.
After, we visited the area around the cathedral and we saw the beautiful monuments and the typical Alsatian architecture.
Then, the 4e and 3e visited the Rohan Palace and the 6e and 5e visited the Oeuvre Notre Dame Museum dedicated to Art in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
At noon, we ate typical Alsatian food (all-you-can-eat Flammekueche and vacherin) at the brasserie « Au Brasseur ».

Friday afternoon

We visited the « Petite France » area and we went to the Vauban dam to get a great view from the panoramic terrace.
Then we had an hour of free time to buy souvenirs.
We ended our trip with a boat ride and in the evening, we ate at the flunch cafeteria. We tried to sleep in the bus on the way back to school.

We liked the Notre-Dame cathedral and the visit of the Rohan Palace. We also loved having some free time in the city and the boat ride.

Authors : Lucas LEPASTEUR, Enzo VINCENT, Nino AVISOU, Bastien DESVAGES, Hugo VASSEUR, and Basile MARCHALANT.

Documents joints

The European parliament meeting the MP, Mrs Stéphanie Yon Courtin The Coucil of Europe Notre Dame Cathedral La petite France


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